Dust E. Bunny

Early this morning when Tom went out to get the newspaper this is what greeted him.


Then it hopped away, but not before Tom got a few snap shots of it.

Later on that morning, when we were going out to the sheds to clean then out, the little rabbit was in our backyard.  B quickly bonded with it feeding it apples, cabbage and carrots.   



I know in my heart that this rabbit is domesticated as he was really friendly hopping around B’s feet and weaving in and out of B’s legs. 

I was so touched to see the smile of B’s face when the rabbit was around. 


I know I should have called the animal control before he hopped away.  Now, I am feeling guilty about it.  I hope and pray that the little bunny is safe.  Thursday, I called animal control, a stray “teacup Yorkshire Terrier” came right up to me when I was out in my front yard.  It was so friendly and playful. I checked for tags, on the little dog, and it didn’t have any.  I took him into my house while I called animal control to come and pick it up.  I was so afraid that it was going to get hit by a car. 

I really wish that stray animals wouldn’t come around.  My heart can’t take it.  It is 11:51 PM and I am still looking around the yards to see if the rabbit came back.  I am so worried about it. 

5 thoughts on “Dust E. Bunny

  1. Wow, Liz– that’s a huge bunny! Brian looks like he’s loving every minute of it. 😉

    I really like your Holiday header– it’s so pretty!

    Hope your week is off to a good start.



  2. Hi Liz, sure hope your feeling better. I know that you gotta do what you gotta do thing and it’s painful usually. What an adorable rabbit. It is domestic and seems tamed. Hopefully you’ll see it again and can call the animal control to find it’s owner. Thinking of you and all my love and prayers. ~hugs~


  3. Hi sis
    I love to see your holiday graphic, I have missed it…
    What a sweet rabbit, you have a heart for everyone, people or animal, that is great.
    To day the sun is shining and it have been some frost during the night, but yesterday it was a lot of rain, hot and dark. I miss the winter with snow.
    I hope Gjøril is comming to visit to morrow, it have been a long time, she is so buzzy with work. That’s great but I miss her.
    Have a nice first advent Sunday.


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