Raindrops on rose and bread that is baking…

…these are just two of my favorite smells.

This morning, after the rain, I got a picture of the roses blooming in my backyard. They smell so pretty.



I found another recipe for no-knead bread while surfing the net this morning. There are more than a few sites raving about this recipe. This recipe is super easy, “Soon the Bread Will Be Making Itself“. It was so much better than the No-knead Bread recipe that I had aforementioned here. Better in taste and appearance.


You can refrigerate a four-loaf batch of dough, or even an eight-loaf batch, for as long as two weeks, cut off a piece when you want to bake it, and it’s ready to eat in about two hours.

I baked a quarter of the dough. It was more than enough for the three of us. I refrigerated the rest and now I have dough to make three more loaves.

4 thoughts on “Raindrops on rose and bread that is baking…

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm
    that bread you can send to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ it looks so good.
    and roses… in December, outside???? wow
    Frost here to day but to morrow we will get rain again.
    Gjรธril is comming to morrow, I am so happy abut it and she will spend the Christmas here too ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. Hi Liz;

    We only see roses like that in the summer. It’s beautiful. Your bread looks delicious! I’m going to copy the recipe and maybe try it out in time. You asked if I use anise in my biscotti. Yes I do. I made the Easy Biscotti recipe that I have on my “Toni’s Kitchen” page on my site. It’s easier than my own recipe which is also there. Have a blessed day my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚ ~Hugs~


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