Grand “son” day on Wednesday

Today I watched Nicky. He was really good today. He is talking more. He has added to his vocabulay- “Brian, love you, Whazzup!, Shadow, Grah-ma, apple” and a few other words. I can’t believe how they grow so fast.


Tomorrow, B’s school is having “pajama day”. I can’t decide which pajamas for him to wear. His winter ones? His summer ones? In the morning it is a little cool for shorts and then by the early morning it gets hot. Today it was in the high 70’s with 100% humidity. I had the ac on today. I couldn’t take sweating all day. Hmm! I just figured it out. I will have him wear his summer ones. 🙄

I crocheted a little this morning. I am hoping to finish the crochet socks I wanted to make a while back. At that time I wasn’t going to have enough yarn to finish. This time I am using a different color yarn. It is darker than the last pair. I am really not in the mood to crochet. I have a lot of other things on my mind right now.


4 thoughts on “Grand “son” day on Wednesday

  1. Hi Liz wow I can’t imagine summer PJ’s!!! it’s in the 30’s in the morn here. How nice that would be in the middle of the day to have 70 F in December. Hope you enjoy a nice weekend! big hugs


  2. I can’t imagine wearing summer pajamas right now. We are due for up to six inches of snow on Saturday. I hope Brian has fun on his jammie day! I can’t believe how much older Nicky looks in that photo. They do grow up too quickly!



  3. Hi sweetie,

    Whazzup! That is funny, I bet he sounds adorable when he says it. Ah.. panjama day.. Sometimes I miss being a young kid in school. I miss the themed days and the christmas tree shaped ice cream around the holidays. Ah oh.. my dork is seeping out! You have a lot of things on your mind? Remember you can always email me or write, whatever, if you need to vent. Big hugs…


  4. Hi Liz, well I am finally getting around, seems the DSL tower has issues when the weather is bad and nothing loads for me. So going to make this quick while I can. lol. Love the photos and the boys look so cute in their matching shirts. We’re suppose to get a snow storm friday. It’s really cold but even though the house is comfortable I’m cold. Guess I’m colder natured than I use to be. poor circulation I guess. Not much going on but trying to stay warm. Sending lots of love and ~hugs~


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