I am a worrywart

Tomorrow, all five 2nd grade classes at Brian’s school, is putting on a Pagent. Out of all the five second grade classes and students, Brian and four other students were picked to read the poem-“I’m Tired of Being Good Before Christmas.” He got the part during Thanksgiving and memorized it in one day. But, this evening he isn’t feeling well and I am praying that he feels better tomorrow. He has some new pants, a new red shirt and shoes for this event. I will feel terrible if he can’t go to school tomorrow.

Also, out of the whole school, Brian and 29 other students were picked to sing Christmas Songs to the Assisted Living Residents in our area this Monday coming. He and the others have been practicing for two weeks.

He has worked so hard to bring all of this together. This Tuesday is Brian’s last day of school. He has over three weeks off for Christmas. He goes back to school on January 10th.

6 thoughts on “I am a worrywart

  1. Hi Sis, don’t worry I know Brian will do very well. Go and just enjoy. Even the mess up’s will be precious memories. Can’t believe you are running the AC, lol… It’s so cold here and foggy right now. No snow yet, not sure when it’s suppose to arrive. But I am getting visits in so I don’t have to worry if the net messes up on me later tonight. Love you! ~hugs~


  2. Hi Liz
    What a long Christmas vacation.
    Hope Brian feels better to morrow so he can enjoy it all.
    We still have a very cold weather, it is white outside of rime and some dust from the snow canoons at the ski track 😉
    Have a nice weekend my friend.


  3. HI liz I hope Brian stays well for his Christmas activities! wow he sure has a long school vacation, it’s two weeks here in CA. It looks really pretty in here sweetie. I am off to read your last post. big hugs


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