The “Winter Fantasty”

bri_school_playBrains wasn’t feeling well this morning. He was sick to his stomach, had a slight temperature and complained of a sore throat. I keep thinking strep throat. He didn’t want to miss the school pagent. I emailed the teacher to tell her that we may take him with us after the pagent so we could take him to the doctor’s. She emailed back saying, “If it is possible, we will need him all day. The principal has decided to have an afternoon performance.”

When we got to school he said he was feeling a little better. By the looks of the picture he looks a little green around the gills. We hesitantly let him stay on at school. When I got home I called his doctor. They had no appointment available and they were going to close at 11:00 am. Great! I told the receptionist that I was going to bring him to the clinic and do a follow up with the doctor on Monday. I made an appointment for Monday. In the meantime, we took him to the clinic after school and that also closed early today. Needless to say, he hasn’t been seen by any doctor, etc. We will take him to the clinic tomorrow morning.

The play was wonderful. All the children did great. My-cheap-camera takes crappy pictures and I only got two worth saving.

After we got home from the school and made our calls, Tom and I cleaned the house. Tomorrow we are putting up the tree and I always like the house to be clean before the tree goes up. Just another one of my little quirks-LOL.

5 thoughts on “The “Winter Fantasty”

  1. Hi,

    He does look a little peaky.. poor thing. You have to hand it to him though, he wanted to keep on keepin on. Even as a child, I was so fragile( nice way of saying unhealthy worrier) and if I had a slight cough, I’d be in bed begging my mom to take me to the doctors cause I was done for! Hope you will take pictures of your tree when it is up so we can all see it. Love and Hugs…


  2. Hi Liz,

    I’m glad Brian made it through the day, but you can tell he was feeling a bit under the weather. I hope he’s all better now.
    Enjoy putting up your tree. I like to have it all clean before we put our tree up too. šŸ™‚



  3. Hi Sis, glad the pagent went well and I hope Brian is feeling better. Preston is coming out and we’ll keep him while Em and Michael attend his work Christmas party. Hope you get the tree up and have fun doing it. Sun peeked out today for a bit. Didn’t get the snow they predicted, just a light dusting and it melted quickly although it feels very cold to me. Love and ~hugs~


  4. Good Morning, Liz: Brian does look a bit under the weather. I hope you get to see the doctor. Why were they closing early? I hope you have a terrific Saturday. I’m dreading this storm tomorrow. It’s going to have a lot of wind and I hate that. HUGS


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