Busy, busy and not feeling well

Brian is feeling a little better. He is on antibiotics and a decongestant that made him drowsy and dizzy. He slept most of Saturday. I hate having to give kids that kind of medication. Since we share everything around here-I am now sick. No! I can’t be sick! I have too much to do!

We got the tree up Saturday and left it for Brian to decorate it when he got up. Of, course he hung the decorations close together as all children do. This time I just left them the way he hung them and I moved on. He thought the tree was beautiful.

As soon as I put the tree skirt around the tree, Shadow settled in on it. I didn’t even get the chance to straighten the skirt.


He looks somewhat perturbed that I am taking pictures of him. Eh! He’ll get over it.

Yesterday, Brian and I made some gingerbread. I was at Connie’s the other day and she had make some. I had been thinking about it, but didn’t put it to the forefront until I saw that she made some.


I have posted the recipe for this gingerbread.

I will be back later this evening to visit.

8 thoughts on “Busy, busy and not feeling well

  1. Hi sweetie,

    Oh, I hate to hear that you are sick. Especially around the holidays but I know you will be better for Christmas. I have been craving, not gingerbread, but cake, big fluffy cake with way too much icing. Tommorrow I am going to make Christmas cookies for the other volunteers at the hospice, I hope they don’t come out as sad looking as they usual due! Thinking of you…


  2. Hi Liz
    Hope you all are feeling better.
    I think it is too much stress before Christmas, I try to take it calm… 😉
    Here it is still cold… the grass is white of rime so we got a white Christmas any way.
    Take care, the Christmas is comming what ever…

    and that Gingerbread looks just delicious.


  3. Hi Liz;

    Your grandchildren are adorable and handsome young boys. I’m so sorry both you and Brian aren’t feeling well. I pray you both feel better soon. The gingerbread looks delicious. Save me a piece. 🙂

    Take care and get well soon. ~Hugs~


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