Christmas vacation kick-off

Brian’s Christmas vacation started today. He is excited- WAY TOO EXCITED! I have to think of some things for him to do to calm him down. I just wish I were feeling better.

I have a continuous cough and shortness of breath. I just know it is bronchitis. I will have to get to the doctor’s soon.

The only thing I did today was laundry and pottered around a bit. For supper I had minestrone soup.

It was a ho-hum sort of day.

liz stamp

5 thoughts on “Christmas vacation kick-off

  1. Hi Liz, I’m sorry to hear that your sick, terrible with Christmas right around the corner. Last year I got sick Christmas eve and couldn’t get out of bed until after Christmas. I love the picture picture you took of shadow looking very please with herself/himself that he has found a new spot under the tree. As soon as something new is placed on the floor they must immediatley lie on it, lol. The gingerbread looks delicious too, I’ve copied down the recipe and I may give it a try today. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you get well soon and see the Doctor soon too. Brian is so excited! well who can blame him, it’s going to be Christmas soon and to a child it’s like a magical day. I remember I would get so excited as a child I could not sleep on Christmas eve. Have a wonderful Thursday and get some rest big hugs


  3. Hi Liz, I hope you get to the doctor, before it really gets worse. You need antibiotics too. I am glad Brian is feeling better. My son Mike, his last day of school for Christmas vacation is Friday. He is counting down the days! Hugs!


  4. Hi Sis, so sorry you are not feeling well. That is terrible with Christmas right around the corner. I hope you get better and will be able to enjoy Christmas with the boys and family. Maddie is at that stage where she cries for her parents. I hate feeling like I do, but then that on top of everything else just hit me hard. Thank goodness it didn’t last long. Cliff told Valarie and I talked to her and she was concerned. I know she is concerned, but I assured her that everything is ok and will be. If I could just find out something definite about my disability. Although If I don’t get it I just won’t know what to do. No jobs around and especially one’s I can do? Just keeps me in a worried state. Well I need to just stop and be grateful for all I have and be content. Sure is difficult some days. Love and ~hugs~


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