How much can one write about bean pot?

mom's bean potFor New Years Eve Tom wanted to have baked beans and creton (borrowing from my Canadian French half). I was going to have to use my crockpot as the beanpot I have was handed down to me from my mother and isn’t in very good condition. It has to be 50 years old or pretty near. The cover got broken and through the years of me owning it, it chipped and cracked. I do miss not having a beanpot. Baking beans in the oven reminds me of Saturday nights in New England. We always had beans, hot dogs and brown bread every Saturday night. I carried that tradition on through my marriage, but stopped it when I moved here to the South.

The other night I was surfing the net looking for bean pots. I came upon “The Pot Shop of Boston” and coveted this 2½ qt. bean pot. Not using my credit cards anymore, I quickly closed the page so as not to be tempted.

Last Wednesday night when Carrie was here I was telling them about the bean pot I found on line at “Pot Shop of Boston.” In the meantime I left the room to tend to something and when I came back I saw Tom showing Carrie his checkbook. When I walked in he said that he was showing Carrie how much money he had left. Oooo Kaaaay. Why would he do that. I knew something was up. I just didn’t know what.

beanpotToday a package arrived. It was the bean pot. Tom had already ordered it on the phone Tuesday. He said that when I was talking about the bean pot he had to try to keep a straight face. I had no idea that Tom was even thinking of a bean pot when I looked them up online. It was just so coincidental. That is what he was showing Carrie in his check book-that he had already ordered it. The guy in Boston told Tom that he was going to ship the pot and to send the check later. He trusted that Tom would pay him. Tom mailed the check out that day and called the guy to tell him that it was on it’s way. The guy told Tom that the pot was shipped and should be there on Friday. Well it was and I am so excited. How can one get so excited about a BEANPOT?

The recipe that came with the pot is exactly the same recipe that my family and I use. (If you want the recipe, click on the picture below for a larger image.)


8 thoughts on “How much can one write about bean pot?

  1. Hi Liz my mom has that same recipe. You don’t cook in the bean pot do you? it’s just for serving? I think I have a bean pot but I never use it. I usually cook my beans on the stove in a dutch oven or crock pot. My mom was born in Ohio and they ate that same food the brown bread with beans and hot dogs and she would fix it for us kids, however I did not like food as a child so nothing made me happy, except a very few things. I’m so glad you got a bean pot, that was so wonderful of Tom to buy that for you. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! big hugs


  2. Hi Liz: I totally get the bean pot thing. I had one that I broke. I miss it so. This is my Grandma’s recipe: (She was from Vermont}
    1 lb. Great Northern Beans
    1/2-1 lb. salt pork cubed
    1 medium yellow union cut into eighths
    1 tbs. salt {I skip this part!}
    1/2- 1 c. dark Molassess
    1/2-1/c. Brown Sugar
    1 tbs. dry mustard
    6 c. Water

    Soak beans overnight
    In AM, boil with water and a tbs. or so of baking soda
    place in bean pot or large pot with other ingredients
    Bake 7-9 hrs at 300
    Serve with Boston Brown Bread
    NOTE: Do a day ahead for extra flavor and add 1/2 c. molasses before storing in refrigerator
    NOTE: These can be modernized to a crockpot. Add 1-2 c. extra water
    You can also add 1 ham hock and remove at end of cooking

    What a lovely gift.


  3. Oh Sis, how wonderful and what a great bean pot! I know you will have many wonderful bean dinner’s now. I think it’s the simple things in life like a bean pot that is very much worth getting excited about! I’m so tickled and happy for you. I know that Tom was happy that it made you so happy! Well are we having beans for Christmas? *smiles* Sure wish I could be there to enjoy a pot of beans with you all. Love and ~hugs~


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