pizzelle-makerThe day before Christmas Eve, Carrie came over to make pizzelles. We make the traditional anise flavor. The pizzelle iron “maker” is about 30 years old. Tom bought it for me when we were first married. Before that, I used to borrow my aunts to make pizzelles. Now, they have a newer one out with a long handle in the front. Someday I hope to get that one and retire this one, as this one gets too hot to handle without potholders.

You have to guess if the pizzelle is ready to come out and the first few Carrie had left some of them in a little too long (I wonder if it had anything to do with that long neck sitting in front of her-LOL). She had made them every Christmas since she was a little girl (minus the long necks of course). It is kind of like a tradition that she makes them. Gee, I never realized that before.


The recipe I use for the pizzelles is the same recipe that I use for biscotti. I just add more milk to the biscotti recipe to make the pizzelles. This is same recipe that my grandmother used and handed down to the family. Even though my grandmother was a mean, old “strega” (witch in Italian) incapable of showing affection, she was a good cook.

Find my Pizzelle recipe here.

5 thoughts on “Pizzelles

  1. Hi Sis, have no idea what a pizzelles is, but it looks like an eggo waffle, *smiles* It sounds tasty too. If I lived closer I would love to get you to teach me how to cook italian food! You and Toni both have the best sounding recipes. I just feel there is a knack for it I don’t have. Carrie is very intent looking as she makes them. Do you make anything special for New Year’s. Do you eat the black eyed peas? I don’t. I simply don’t like them. Not sure what our New Years fair will be. I fried chicken tonight and had baked potato’s. JD is on a baked potato kick. I just ate the potato too. The chicken was a bit to tough for me. Love and ~hugs~


  2. Hi Liz! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Please do add me as a friend in Ravelry…I already did you…hope that’s ok. 🙂 I would love to know how you got that calendar on your goals page for your menu? Is that a program you have?


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