Fresh air and sunshine

Brian heads back to school tomorrow after having off over 3 weeks. I am going to miss not having him around during the day.

B bear

Today was a beautiful day weather-wise. Brian and Nicky played in the back yard and had their lunch out there.

Nee nee

I didn’t do hardly anything today. I mainly watched the boys.

B and N Nee Nee and The Bee

7 thoughts on “Fresh air and sunshine

  1. Hi Liz, great pictures of your grandsons, it’s strange for me to see them wearing shorts when we are knee deep in snow, and in winter coats and boots. Thankfully most of the snow has melted. Have a great end of the week. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz,
    Watching the boys IS most definitely doing something. I can’t believe how big they’re getting. It’s amazing that it’s warm enough for shorts. We’re in the winter blah’s here. 😉



  3. HI Liz, I need to make a black hat for my son. He says he will lose his hair during treatment. I was thinking of using the Knifty Knitter. I like the way knit looks on caps for a guy. I would miss Brian too he looks like he is fun to be around. What a great age he is at. Thank you for all your uplifting words it means the world to me. God Bless Sweets. big hugs


  4. Hi Liz, great pics of your handsome grandchildren! How blessed you are my friend! I like the matching scarf you made, very very pretty! Temps were warm here for a few days, but tomorrow it will get cold again! Hugs my friend!


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