This, that and not much more

Carrie left work early today. I only had Nicky for a short time today. She wasn’t feeling well. This morning she complained of here lung in the back hurt her. I suspected pleurisy. She didn’t look well either. She went to her doctor’s and he told her that she had a virus and if she wasn’t any better by Monday then she should go back to see him. My question is, “Why in the hell didn’t he prescribe antibiotics for her?” I am so suspect of doctor’s. Is it that he wants to collect some more money from her for another visit? I am going to call her tomorrow and suggest that she call her doctor and get him to prescribe anitbiotic for her.

I have started another hat. I hope to get a collection of them and give them away like I mentioned before. It is just that I will probably have to wait for next winter with the rate I am going. It really doesn’t stay cold for that long down here to wear hats and scarfs. I decided on hats because they don’t take long to make. I may have to re-think the hats after finishing the one I am working on now.

In keeping with adding photos here.


This was a cheaply priced wine, but the taste was very good. We had an extra bottle left from Christmas.

Highlighting the fresh red berry, citrus and melon aromas and flavors and rounded out with subtle hints of nutmeg and clove, the wine has a youthful exuberance that is appealing to anyone looking for an uncomplicated wine to accompany a meal.

I could not have described it better myself. Tom and I drank it with the cranberry and brie stuffed chicken I got at Sam’s Club. The chicken was delicious for a fast meal even though it was frozen.

4 thoughts on “This, that and not much more

  1. oh boy Liz!

    I tried the link you use to translate Ingers writing, and i have to say – it’s very difficult to understand what she wrote, translated from norwegian to english!
    That is, if i see the same you do!
    Some of it is OK, but far from all of it!

    We have to find a better translater for you!!! *s* You know, it’s very interesting what Inger has to say!

    Have a great saturday!

    Hugs from Mette


  2. Hi hon,

    I had a similar problem, years ago, where I got sick and then I had pain in my back and it was pretty awful so I hope Carrie doesn’t suffer with this too much longer. I can’t wait to see your hat. I hope your weekend is filled with unexpected joy.


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