Nursing my family back to health

Brian and Tom aren’t feeling well. Brian has a stomach virus and has been vomiting on and off all morning. It is so hard to get and keep fluids into him. Tom has had diarrhea for two days. Carrie is feeling a little better than she did a few days ago. I just wish that all of this illness would go away.

In between everything that is going on, I did manage to get the hat and scarf finished yesterday. I used Patons Glittallic Lilac Lamé for the brim of the hat and ends of the scarf and Red Heart pale lilac for the crown of the hat and the main part of the scarf.

purple hat and scarf purple hat close up

The Glittallic Lilac Lamé is so soft.

5 thoughts on “Nursing my family back to health

  1. Hello Liz, I have been reading your posts. I hope everyone feels better soon. You are just too talented, I love all of hats and scarfs. Simply beautiful. Praying you have a great day! Take care.


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