Caplet, tea and bags

I awoken Saturday and I felt like my body had been through a terrible wreck. I ached all over and had a fever of over 102°. I was sick the whole day in bed. Yesterday, I started to feel a tiny better because I took some Ibuprofen for the pain. I am still not feeling too well. I feel a little tender. It comes and goes. Today, I had Tom buy me some ginger root. I alreaqdy had some green tea. I drank ginger tea most of the day. It helped my stomach sourness.

ginger tea and tea pot

Last week I didn’t post and Friday evening I tried to make visits and post. I had Nicky all last week and I was so very tired.

Last night I managed to finish a capelet that I started Friday evening. I added the button to it this morning.


I wanted something to throw across my shoulders in the evening if I were crocheting or reading.

I got pictures of the finished felted bags. My camera just doesn’t portray the true colors. The next felted bags I make I am going to forgo the variegated yarn and stick to solids, but work strips into it. I only have t-pins holding the straps for now. I am undecided on which type of handles to use. I would like to go to a craft store and scope out the different types of purse handle.

Pictures of the small one and the larger one. Look how different in colors each looks even though it is the same yarn. Yuck!

sm-felted-purse felted-crochet-bag

4 thoughts on “Caplet, tea and bags

  1. Dear Liz
    Sorry to hear your not feeling well, hope it will be better day bye day.
    You make a lot of wonderful handcraft.
    Have I told I moved my blog to ? I like it very much with Carolines graphic. Sorry it is only in Norwegian, it is so more easy. The translation programs do not work very well but you can try and ask if you don’t understand.
    Lot of hugs


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