Enough already!

While working on my dreaded sock the other evening, I noticed that I had split the yarn on quite a few rows down. I unraveled it again and continued on. Then I noticed that I had some stitches back wards. I, again, unraveled it. And what to my blind eye should I notice? I had split the yarn again. OMG! Enough of this already. I unraveled, yet again, and finally added a lifeline. Usually, this is done when doing intriciate work, but for dummies like me it can be a lifeline lifesaver.


As stubborn as I am, I am not giving up on this second sock. Yesterday I knitted quite a few rows and I am almost to the toe. I can’t believe that this one sock could give me so much hassle.

I have an eye doctor’s appointment this afternoon. A week and a half ago I was experiencing lightning flashes in my right eye off to the side of my vision. I get this flashes daily. But, along with it came a darkening in my eye. I can barely see out of it. I am hoping that it is due to my aging eyes and the dark is caused by floaters and not a detached retina. I have always had floaters, but not like this that at times I need to wear sunglasses in house to deflect from the veil of darkness over my eye. I can’t stand it. It is so frustrating.

4 thoughts on “Enough already!

  1. Hi Liz, keeping you in prayer with your eye appointment. I hope all is well! Love the video piece about the “lifeline”! Never heard of that before, but what a great idea, for me, as I will frog things constantly if I see something I did wrong. Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, Can’t believe you kept at the second sock, after ripping again, I would have given up a long time ago. Hope that the diagnosis is not a detached retina. Keep us posted. *hugs*


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