Superbowl Eve-Pffft!

We raked most of the front yard today. After and hour and a half of pulling leaves, Tom and my back, shoulders and legs were aching. Hopefully, we will finish it off tomorrow. The Stupid Super Bowl is on tomorrow night and nothing will keep Tom from watching. Especially, since his team is playing. As much as I loathe football, I will watch it with him. We plan on making snacks and having Italian subs for this (over-rated) event. I know, I know. “It is un-American to fell this way. I should be thankful that cooperate will make billions and we can overpay our athletes while our teachers and other hard working people struggle to make ends meet, she uttered scathingly.” Give me a break!

I got some cute pictures of Nicky yesterday. He surpises me everyday that I see him. His vocabulary is getting bigger each day. He is always happy and very loving. It seems like I just posted pictures of him (in my other blog) when he was a day old.

nicky1 nicky4

Brian is doing very well and has received some good reports on his Star (Standardized Testing and Reporting) testing at school in math and reading.

6 thoughts on “Superbowl Eve-Pffft!

  1. LOL!! Hi Liz; Love your soap box entry on high paid athletes. Although I am a sports person, I’m with you on the ridiculous salaries they are paid when there are poor and starving families out there who can’t even get help with medical bills or food to feed them.

    Nicky is absolutely adorable. I could just hug him he’s so cute. You are truly a blessed Grandmother.

    I’m thinking of taking up crocheting again but it’s been so many years and I had given away all my crocheting needles and supplies, that I’m not sure if I remember how to crochet. But I’m still thinking about it. 🙂 Have a wonderful day my friend ~Hugs~


  2. Nicky is such a cutie pie! That’s wonderful that Brian is doing so well!

    We didn’t watch the super ball…*L* Brad’s not a real big sports guy, so it’s all good! I’m all about college football anyway!;)


  3. What a nice little boy, you must be happy to have both Nicky and Brian around.
    We call socker football here in Norway, the American way of football I do not understand. Fightball???? *hihi*
    Have a nice time anyway.


  4. Hi Liz: I’m with you on Super Bowl! I wouldn’t watch it for anything. It infuriates me that I got paid peanuts as a teacher, but these guys makes tons of money for being athletic!! Somehow, I think I offered more to the world! I love the pics of Brian. Have a great day. HUGS


  5. Hi Liz Nicky is growing up so big! I hate football. I will not watch it for nothin………..while I was growing up being the only girl in the house besides mom and mom loves football I had it forced down me and I have never watched a game all the way through in my life. It’s the most stupid game ever.
    I will do my crafts tomorrow or read. I feel so bored I could go crazy when I try to watch football. Shopping would be fun also but it’s so windy out and a bad storm has moved in. Our trees are stripped of every single leaf since late December. They are stark as this winter is. My gosh I can’t wait to see another sunny day. I could never live in Alaska or states where the sun is not out often. Have a great football game. LOL! big hugs


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