This blog has been…

out of order

for the past few days.

Hopefully, I will start posting daily. If not for anyone else, but for me.

Brian has “allergic conjunctivitis” and had to see his doctor yesterday. Also, Brian had a dental appointment in Jacksonville, but we had to cancel so he could get meds for his eyes. I was afraid that what he had was pink eye (conjunctivitis) which is highly contagious. Brian suffers with terrible allergies.

Gotta go! I need to find something to do. I am getting bored with this post.

7 thoughts on “This blog has been…

  1. Hi Liz;

    I have many days where I don’t have it in me to post and so I made set days like Wednesdays and Sundays where I don’t post at all. Like Graylady says, the blog is basically for my own thoughts but do love getting visits from online friends too.

    I truly feel for Brian for as a child I had conjunctivitis so bad, I couldn’t open my eyes as my lashes used to stick together (mine wasn’t pink eye and yes, it still was contagious) but thank goodness for the medication drops as they cleared it up fine. I remember the doctor saying to leave the medicine in the refrigerator and it will last forever.

    Have a lovely middle of the week my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. God morning Liz
    Mostly the blog is for my own thoughts but it is so nice to get visit from others. I have a lot more visitors now than only with Psp for Fun. Even you are visiting to read my norwegian *|o|*
    Sorry to hear about Brian.
    Hope you are getting better with your eys?


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