It’s like today didn’t happen

I did absolutely nothing today. No, let me reinerate. I did get up, got Brian off to school, talked to my sister, took a nap and here I am. I didn’t cook or even worry about supper. Tom went out and got KF-puke-C for his and Brian’s supper. I just didn’t have the will or desire to partake in domesticity, hobbies, crafts or whatever it is called that I do in my lonesomeness.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King Jr.

I loathe days like today. Days like today make me feel weak and not in control of my emotions. I am going to attempt to make tomorrow a happy and fulfilling day. I don’t want to waste another day introverted or in a thought-provoked fetal position.

5 thoughts on “It’s like today didn’t happen

  1. hi liz, I aam beginning to start to feel a bit better since the flu hit this week-end. The way jD sick and carrying on for two weeks I knew I would get it. Hopefully hot reall bad, but any make’s ya miserable. Emily came and got me yesterday and went to staples and I found my new computer there. It’s a Dell Inspiron desk top, but its a smaller more compact tower that they use to be. Then I got my flat screen monitor, 19 inch! Which I just love. A new keyboard and mouse. I bought a flash extenal drive to move things from the older computer over and then added the 2 year warranty. I really like it, but just haven’t felt well enough to really just sit here and check it all out. Most ofther’s will before me. I did post a picture. You’ll have to drop by and check it out.

    Love and ~hugs~


  2. Hey there Liz, Are you feeling better today? I had a yuk day today, tomorrow will be better. Love the indeian-hawthorne and the stained glass tiles you made with the picture you took. I love how PSP can turn simple things into beautiful tiles. Blueberries should start blooming around June here, lol. Hope you have nice middle of the week. *hugs*


  3. Hi Liz: I love KFC, but can’t have it. I long for it! LOL I hope today is much nicer for you. Your sister and I are going to get a nasty storm tonight and into tomorrow! Have fun. HUGS


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