Italian style rice and peas

Also know as Risi e Bisi -Rice and Peas. I decided to add peas along with the prosciutto to the risotto.

risi e bisi

Brian won’t eat it because of the parmigiano-reggiano cheese. You can’t have risotto without it.


The label, on the cheese,  says that it is imported from Italy.  But I don’t think that it is “authentic”, per se, as it must be made with raw cow’s milk, and if I am not mistaken, our government doesn’t allow any consumed product to be made using raw cow’s milk. Raw cow’s milk, pasteurized cow’s milk…It is still the best Parma cheese I have ever tasted.

3 thoughts on “Italian style rice and peas

  1. Hi Liz can I come for dinner? I love peas. I hope you enjoy a nice weekend sweetie. I still have the beautiful prayer you wrote me in my blog and I will save it forever, it was the sweetest prayer ever. It really meant so much to me. What a special lady you are. IF you ever think you’re not you remember I said you are. big hugs


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