Headed Towards My Goal

Last year Carrie gave me a nasturtium and a lavender seed kit. This year I decided to plant them. Knowing that planting seeds that have been stored in a garage for about a year would be chancy, I decided to try planting them anyhow. The lavender was a no show.  I do love lavender and hope to plant in pots.

I was delighted as was Brian when the little seedling started to appear.  On sunny days I take them outside them bring them back in the house.  I place them by the kitchen window and there their little heads turn towards the window. 

Day 11-


One of my goals this year was to garden in containers.  Even though nasturtium wasn’t on my list, it’s a start. 

3 thoughts on “Headed Towards My Goal

  1. Hi Liz, yep it’s me, so don’t faint. First of all thank you for being so faithful to stop by and check on me. I am feeling just fine. Better than I was for sure. I am trying hard to get back into the swing of things. I am trying to learn this new computer. I miss my XP and find Vista kind of hard to get use to. Also trying my best to get out of the blahs I’ve been in forever. Anyway I hope to be back and start visiting and posting more regularly again. At least hope to try. Good luck with the flowers. I hope you have a garden full soon! Love and ~hugs~


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