Apple Lollipops

We here, have been preparing for St. Patrick’s Day. I never did celebrate St. Paddy’s day until I met Tom, as his mother was first generation Irish, from New York, and he and his family celebrated every year.

Today I made apple lollipops.  There is one missing in the picture below.  Brian just couldn’t wait to try one.

apple lollipops

I won’t show what happened to the first batch yet.  Getting back to the lollipops. 


Tom arranged the lollipops in this glass like a lollipop bouquet so I could take a picture of them.  I think he did a pretty good job.

lollipop bouquet

When Tom was at the store today he saw these, what I call, bottle clothing and picked one up for each of us.  Of course we had to try them out promptly.

bottle clothing

My candy thermometer didn’t reach far enough into the hot sugar syrup. My first batch of lollipops turned into brittle. If I had thought quickly, I would have thrown some peanuts into it before I placed them on a cookie sheet. As it was, when I saw that the sugar syrup was cooked too much, I quickly remembered my seventh grade home economics class when we made peanut brittle. I add some baking soda to the amber syrup, rushed to get a cookie sheet and greased it. Then I poured the hot goo onto the sheet pan.


Tom asked, “What is it?”

I responded, “Brittle.” “Why?”

Tom, “Oh.” “I don’t like brittle.”

Me, “Well, I do.”

Brian, “What about the lollipops?”

Introducing my peanutless brittle-what was suppose to be lollipops.


Live and learn, I say.

3 thoughts on “Apple Lollipops

  1. Hi Liz, Happy St-Paddy’s Day!! There is no Irish in me but today everyone is Irish. I love the lollipops you made. Tom did a great job on the arrangment and the bottle clothing is really cute. The St-Patrick’s day parade took place here yesterday but the weather wasn’t nice so I didn’t go, luckily that didn’t stop people from going and they had a nice turnout. Your Nasturciums are coming along nicely, I’ve got my geraniums started. Have a nice day. *hugs*


  2. Hi Liz: Thos Lollipops look wonderful. I’ve never made those. I love peanut brittle. I’ve never made that either. I don’t think I’m much good at candies and desserts! Have a lovely Sunday. I did love teaching. My favorite Principal had only been there a coupld of months, when he heard loud noises in my room and opened my door to see kids writhing on the floor dying and killing each other on March 15th. One kid had even brought ketchup and was “bleeding”! How Norm laughed about it after he got to know me. He was more than happy to make sure his kids got me for a teacher. I made them die on the floor, too! LOL HUGS


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