“Eggs”-tra Early

The Easter Bunny arrived a little sooner than expected. I heard this commotion out in my front yard and I saw the Easter Bunny was caught between two trees. Poor little fella’.

crochet bunny

I helped him out of his predicament. He wiggled out of my hands and hopped on over to the azaleas. I curiously followed him and spied decorated eggs in the thicket of the fuchsia crepe clusters. The little bunny nestled down among the flowers and around the eggs and allowed me to snap a picture of him.

easter crochet bunny

Quicker than the wiggle in his little nose, he hopped away. As sorry, as I was to see him leave I was delighted to see that he left those bedecked eggs behind.

Early this morning, before the visit from the Easter Bunny, I got the kitchen walls and cabinets and the living room walls washed. Tomorrow I am going to wash the floors, window, curtains, vacuum, dust and put back all the knick-knacks and geegaws. I would love, love, love to eliminate the frivolousness from the walls and on top of the furniture. It would make it so much easier to clean. I must admit, that I don’t have that many things around as I used too. It is sparse, but not sparse enough for me.

I crocheted this little bunny the other night and put the finishing touches on it late last night.

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