Easter “2008”

I got through yesterday.  Today, I have all the Easter decorations, etc. down and put away for next year.

We had a fantastic day.  Carrie, Ron, and Nicky where here and later David came over. 

Brian and Nicky hunted for Easter Eggs and they both were excited about their baskets-

Nicky on the hunt

B & N looking at Nicky's basket

Tom surprised me with a beautiful Easter Lily earlier that morning-

Easter Lily from Tom

For dinner we had tossed green salad, ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus, icebox biscuits, bolognese (ragù alla bolognese) sauce and spaghetti, ricotta cheese pie (as an anitpasto- click for recipe), and pineapple upside down cake-

Easter Dinner 2008

Today I am not doing any cooking. Left-overs will be just fine.

3 thoughts on “Easter “2008”

  1. Hi Liz: Oh, your dinner sounds wonderful. This kids are so cute. How nice Tom got you the Easter Lily. Will you plant it outdoors? Thank you for the recipe. I spent all day getting the ham picked apart, making stock and a beef brisket. I’m not cooking much today. I’m tired. I will make soup, but that’s it! Have a great day. HUGS


  2. Hi Liz, What a feast you had, everything looks so delicious. I’ve never had ricotta pie and the lollipops look so nice. Thanks for sharing all the pictures, I enjoyed seeing them. Have fun in St-Augustine. *hugs*


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