Reptiles and Birds and Mammals! Oh, My!

Our first stop in St. Augustine was the “Alligator Farm”.  I had my trusty little camera handy and took many pictures.  Boring to some, but a wonderful bit of memorabilia for us.

Click on montage to see larger photos.

alligator farm

Besides alligators, they have many species of birds, crocodiles, reptiles, tortoise, monkeys…In other words, rare and exotic reptiles, birds and mammals.  Also, many African and Native American (to the St. Augustine area) artifacts

Click 23 species of crocodilians.

You walk over wooden foot bridges to maneuver around the farm and below the bridges are where the alligators are. You can even feed them and that is just what Brian and Tom did.  Of course, I wondered if the tiny bridges were going to stay suspended or collapse under the weight of the foot traffic.

The last picture on the right is some type of vulture.  It was as tall as Brian.    

Here, where I live, there are alligators. In the eighteen years that I have lived here, I haven’t seen one around. But, where Tom works, he has seen them. As I have mentioned before, I live three miles from Florida on the east coast.

3 thoughts on “Reptiles and Birds and Mammals! Oh, My!

  1. Happy Friday Liz;

    The Alligator Farm must have been a lot of fun. The photos are wonderful. That last big ugly bird is a turkey vulture. They are really ugly up close but look magnificent when flying as their wing span is unbelievable. When I was living in San Jose, CA. They would come in groups and settle on the rooftops on the block. The neighbors used to worry that they would go after their dogs but they prefer road kill. LOL!!

    Have a lovely weekend my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. Hi Liz: You had such an adventure. I’m watching GMA and today is Robin Roberts last Radiation treatment for Breast cancer. She danced off the stage. I don’t blame her. Have a great day. HUGS


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