La Tercera Parte-Third Part

Our final stop in St. Augustine was the historic section. This is my favorite part of St. Augustine. As I mentioned previous, I hadn’t been there in over 8 years. Tom and I spend many weekends in the historic area before Brian. Brain loved it. As we were sitting in Scarlet O’Hara’s restaurant, eating out on the porch, Brian expressed his wishes to live in St. Augustine. I can’t say that I blame him; I also would love to wake up everyday and see such beauty and history. It rather reminds me of my hometown. I had to take pictures of the building on an angle. The streets are to narrow to get a shot head on.

historic St. Augustine

historic St. Augustine

There we took Brian to see The Oldest School House in the USA. 

oldest school house

We went into a quaint little teashop and bought some loose-leaf tea-Belgium Chocolate Tea. It is delicious. My only problem is. I will have to travel 60 miles back to purchase some more. They were jars and jars of all different types and flavors of tea. I just loved that shop. There are also many little gifts shops, restaurants, beautiful courtyards, and gardens to see and visit.  Along with the old wooden buildings, there are many beautiful building in the Spanish Colonial style.

3 thoughts on “La Tercera Parte-Third Part

  1. This trip sounds like a dream. The photos are just wonderful. You will have to explain how you did that mosaic.

    I know Brian will never forget this trip. Of course, you may make it again next year!

    Thank you for taking the time to look through my photos; you are a special friend for doing that. Yes, Alexander is a year old and starting to develop so much personality. We are really enjoying him, but you know how that is, don’t you!


  2. What a marvelous trip you gave Brian. I love the pics. That schoolhouse is amazing. I’m hearing it’s going to be buggy in Maine due to bats having a white nose disease. We didn’t get the raccoon in the trap, darn it! Have a great day. HUGS


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