Fruit Cravings

I had a bag of dried fruit and couldn’t decide what to do with it. After searching cookbooks, I came up with a compote. It is more of a wintertime/holiday recipe. I guess it can be eaten anytime-on pancakes, waffles, as a side for meats, with cake…I am soaking the fruit in water and leaving it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. Tomorrow I will make the compote. The recipe calls for Marsala wine, but because of Brian, I will be using purple grape juice.

dried fruit

I also have some raspberries and blackberries in the freezer. I made an Italian orange custard. With the custard and the berries, I am going to make a Berry Tart tomorrow.

All of my Easter lily blooms have opened.   I never really realized just how pretty the colors are until I shot this close up.

easter lily bloom

2 thoughts on “Fruit Cravings

  1. Wow! That Easter lily photo is spectacular. What fun! I hate to admit I haven’t read any Sinclair Lewis, and I’m an English teacher. I never really thought about it, but you made me want to read him. The Gathering sounds intriguing, too.

    I was interesting that Brian reads so faithfully but still complains. Good for you for encouraging him to stick to it for so long. He’ll thank you for it someday.

    I love the fruit food things. Your creativity is really running high right now, and in so many ways.


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