Leftovers Again!

After I got Brian on the bus this morning I got busy cooking.  I made the berry tart-

(Note:  Use only fresh berries the next time.)

berry tart

the dried fruit compote-

dried fruit compote

pasta salad, Canadian split pea soup (I like mine thick), and a meat loaf. 

I am finished cooking for a few days. We now have leftovers and I can relax. Ahh!

4 thoughts on “Leftovers Again!

  1. Hi Liz: Oh that berry tart looks fantastic! So does the fruit compote. I’m doing a small pork sirloin roast today. It’s going to be windy and chilly today, so it’s a good day for a roast. Have a great day. HUGS.


  2. Dear Liz, I dont know what to say except thank you for checking in on me and for your prayers, support and friendship. I know we both seem to have quite a bit in common about hiding out at home and not getting out enough. I know you understand the depression I am dealing with. I must get out of it. If not I will be in real trouble. I am not suicidal which another friend is afraid of. I just can’t seem to have the desire and motivation to get out of my chair and do anything. I feel so lost at times asto what it is I am suppose to be doing with my life. Even this great new computer I got. Now I have all this new stuff to learn to use it and need Em to set up my old one so I can transfer my files and programs on to it. I feel lost using it and then just sort of give up and walk away and I need to stop being like this. I apologize for I haven’t been a very good friend lately and I feel badly about it. I ask your forgiveness and will really try harder. I’ve been visiting quite a bit today and writing some emails. My only wish is that someone were close enough to visit. Sometimes the lonliness gets just a bit overwhelming. Hang in there with me. Don’t give up. I don’t think I could stand it if I were to lose my online friends who have been my source of strength that keeps me going. I will be contacting my doctor and see maybe I need a change in my medication. certainly need something. I hope to be a better friend now. I certainly don’t want to lose your friendship. Oh and you’ve made me so hungry with all that beautiful food. You sure can cook. Anything you do, crochet, cook is great. I love you and wish I could also give you a big ~hug~


  3. OH, I want what you’re having! It all sounds so delicious, but if I had to pick just one thing, it would be that fruit compote. I’ve never had anything like that, and it looks so yummy.

    My afternoon didn’t end until 4:00 because of a department meeting, so I didn’t feel like cooking after that. Maybe tomorrow.

    Oh, well, the meeting went well, and my bud across the hall and I are looking forward to presenting classroom karaoke at our faculty meeting on April 17. That should be a hoot.

    Enjoy your leftovers. That is a good thing to look forward to!

    Hugs, Julia


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