(This) Woman is Fickle

I get frustrated with the state that this country is in and the way it is headed. But, this site isn’t intended to harangue about my political views. Therefore, I will just subtly hint at my beliefs and feelings every now and then.  Then again, maybe not.  This is just how I am feeling at the moment-“La donna è mobile.”

5 thoughts on “(This) Woman is Fickle

  1. Hi Liz, I try not to let the news rule how I feel each day instead I would rather focus on the blessings I have, I don’t see that things are so awful. 95 percent of people are paying their mortgages. Yet when you listen to the news you would think the sky is falling. Turn them off and focus on your beautiful food and family and god and you will feel so much better. Turn on some music and dance with your grandson! he will laugh and so will you. I love you! big hugs!!!!!!!!!!


  2. H Liz, I have a lot of opinions especially on politics, but just give tidbits mostly. Seems when I become very sincere and serious then most people don’t leave a comment. Course I don’ blog specifically for comments, but am interested in hearing other’s views even if different from my own. I am very much against having Hillary or Barrack as our President Hillary is to much of a lier so I find it hard to believe her no matter what she says. Then Oboma’s record is not good being so liberal and I’m learning more each day about his connections and I am not pleased. He to me would just be someone in the office infuenced by others. with wishy washy convictions of his own. McCain has some issues, but I feel would the best choice of all to be or county commander in chief. I truly worry about the world and what it will be like for my children and grand children. I truly prayer for them every day. Please share. I would appreciate knowing how you feel. Love you sis. ~hugs~


  3. Hi Julia, I am interested in hearing about your political views, subtily if you must. I find American politics very interesting. I love your photos, wish I could have taken interesting ones of Paris instead of the regular ones. Me thinks I need a photography course. *hugs*


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