As with most Catholics, I have a few crucifixes hanging around the house. This is something that is just the norm in our house. I rarely notice them since I have lost some faith. Yet, it would just seem wrong to take them down.

However today, with the Pontiff’s visit to the U.S., I took note of the crucifix hanging in Brian’s room while I was making his bed. I, being a Catholic, and not a very good one, am ashamed and angry by the acts that some have done to the faithful and the innocent. I keep remembering these words-“The severed hand does not heal the body.”  Yet, I keep pulling back. It is not only my Catholicism that I lost some faith in; it is with all organized religions. I still pray for other’s and my family’s safety and health.  But I don’t pray for myself.  I don’t feel that I am worthy of His love.  During the day, when I am all alone, I am constantly asking Him to forgive me for my thoughts that I have about others and my sour attitude towards mankind.  Still, I don’t offer-up praise or adoration.

I tend to walk by sight rather than faith. I would like to think that my faith is not based on the actions of people but on the Word of Jesus Christ. That is what I would like to think.

4 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. Oh Liz your post made me cry so hard. You’re the kindest sweetest person, don’t you know how much you mean to me and to God! I saved your prayer for my family and Shane and it was the most beautiful prayer anyone had ever written me. Please do not lose faith, your faith is in your heart, I seen it with my own eyes written in beautiful words that God put opon your heart. I have lost many things but never faith. You cannot see God but we know he is there. He is not the one that brings evil to this world, but he allows it for now, but soon it will come to an end when Jesus returns to take us home. I am not a Catholic but my grandfather was on my mother’s side. My aunts are both Catholic and both are wonderful kind people. Please pray for yourself too, because you do deserve it, Jesus would have died on the cross if only it were you in this world. But he died for all of us so we could live with him forever in heaven and no longer be seperated from him. You’re a beautiful person, inside and out and God created you and I love you so much and have never met you, but I have seen your heart. God Bless & Big Hugs


  2. Hi Liz;

    We are all sinners and have HIS love no matter what. I too am a catholic. I try to remember that even priests and hloy men are just men and sinners. Only our Lord is perfect. We are loved and always HIS children. So my dear friend, don’t think of the negative just think of how we are loved and forgiven no matter what.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend. ~Hugs~


  3. Hi Liz, yes, like Connie said, you are worthy of His love, you can never lose that. He is always there for us.

    I wanted to let you know I am closing my hosted site, and will be moving to my blogger site. I signed in with that url, but here it is just in case:

    Another beautiful day here… 2 in a row!! Temps are 81 right now and I am loving it!! Hugs!


  4. Hi Liz: You are MOST CERTAINLY worthy of His Love. You do so much for others and are so kind and loving. I love that crucifix. Wouldn’t you and I have fun cooking with each other?!Have a wonderful day. HUGS


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