Espresso Syrup Was A Bust

coffee syrupToday I made a coffee syrup.  Tom went out to purchase some espresso powder for me and came home with a cheaper type espresso powder (PILON) as the grocery stores around here have discontinued the brand that I use (Medaglia D’Oro Caffè Espresso Instant) when I make cappuccino ice cream.   The Medaglia D’Oro brand has an authentic taste of espresso and I thought it would make a good syrup. However, the  PILON brand is nothing more than just regular, cheap, instant coffee. It has a burned smell with a bitter taste. 

I am going to search around for the Medaglia D’Oro Caffè Espresso Instant and make it again.  I am bound and determined to have a coffee/espresso syrup on hand when I want a nice glass of iced cappuccino.

iced cappuccino

7 thoughts on “Espresso Syrup Was A Bust

  1. Oh, that iced coffee looks scrumptious, but I’ll have to take your word for it that it was a “bust!” My mother and her friends used to drink iced coffee, and I remember thinking it was disgusting. Now I am just starting to appreciate it.

    I have never even thought about making a coffee syrup. You are turning into quite the gourmet cook!

    Hope your day was nice. I played hookey. Burnout is calling, and I needed a break. Hugs, Julia


  2. Happy Monday Liz;

    I never thought of making my own coffee syrup. I too like an iced cappuchino suring the summer. I may try it myself. Thanks for the tip. I love stopping by here and seeing what new thing you’ve written about. Too bad we didn’t live closer together as it would be wonderful having a close friend with a lot of the same interests. Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. ~Hugs~


  3. Good Morning Liz! Oh that coffee syrup looks so good, as well as the iced cappuchino! Is the syrup hard to make? You really do come up with wonderful ideas in cooking and baking! Maybe you can order the Medaglia D’Oro online? Hope you have a lovely start to your week my friend. Hugs!


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