Cap See Comes


What are red, orange and yellow bell peppers. They are simply a ripened green bell pepper harvested at different stages of ripeness.  I love the vibrant colors and couldn’t resist taking a picture.

We had purchased some of these beauties to make pepper steaks. I bought a beef rib eye roast, froze it and then partially unfroze it and then I thinly sliced the rib eye on our mandoline.  I cooked up a pile of peppers and onions and yesterday we had steak, peppers, onions and cheese subs.  I had a lot of cooked peppers leftover.  Not wanting to discard the pricey capsicums, I made a pepper and egg sub for my supper this evening.  Tom and B had leftover steak subs. 

Earlier this evening, I used the coffee syrup I made to make Tom a Mocha-Cappuccino Frappé and it tasted delicious.  The sweetness of the chocolate and ice cream cut down on the bitterness.  Still, I am going to make a syrup especially for iced cappuccini/lattés. 

5 thoughts on “Cap See Comes

  1. Hi hon,

    A lot of your posts make my mouth water, lol. I am becoming addicted to starbucks light white chocolate mocha blended coffee, it is an iced coffee drink. YUM! I think your family is really lucky to have such a kick butt cook in the kitchen, I live off egg beaters, whole wheat bread, and frozen vegan burgers. Ewww. Love and Hugs…


  2. Beautiful photo. The colors always make me want to buy them, but I rarely do because they give Roy indigestion. The pepper steaks sound great! We are scrounging for supper tonight, a terribly emptynester thing.

    Boy, did I have a day today. Had to fight off a fight in my first block. Two boys and one girl – all in this class. Then my resource teacher (one of the boys being special ed) was called to the door by another coach/teacher who was saying F repeatedly because he was mad at the head coach. Like my neighbor Karen says, some people go to work and are bored. LOL!


  3. Hi Liz,

    I had no idea about the peppers. Guess you learn something every day! I love the colors too– and the taste!

    Hope you’re week is off to a good start. I’ve been a bad blogger lately and I’m trying to catch up. 🙂



  4. Hi Liz, you do a great job of posting everyday I don’t anymore. Well Emily is graduated and it was a busy but great wek-end. I love the pictures of the peppers asthe colors are so beautiful! I hope to doa better job of posting and visiting, it’s just been hard. What to post about when you’ve nothing to say. lol.. But I know you understand that feeling. Love you! ~hugs~


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