Responses To My Question

I received a couple of responses to my question-“Give me your ideas on how you would use these marshmallows in a recipe.”-in my previous post Marshmallows Get The Raspberry .

Here are a couple of great ideas by:

Lisa–  …”those marshmallows would be good in some kind of jell-o salad.”
Claudia– “I’d serve them with melted white or dark chocolate”

Thank you for your ideas and input. 😎 Next time I make marshmallows, I will keep your ideas in mind. 


5 thoughts on “Responses To My Question

  1. I bet both ideas would be good. One thing the marshmallows sure look pretty besides good. Odd to see them so big and square though. I often buy miniature marshmallows for a snack. No fat and good. Love and ~hugs~


  2. Those look yummy.. I love marshmallow. I get marshmallow topping over ice cream sometimes when I go to Baskin Robbins.

    I wonder how yours would be as some sort of cookie filling..
    maybe sandwiched between 2 cookies.. probably very rich and sugary, huh?

    Have a nice weekend, Liz.



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