Nicky’s Day

Although we all had a wonderful time celebrating Nicky’s birthday, I was a little disappointed at the shots I got of the day. In my defense, it is a new camera and I haven’t had much time to get the feel of a new camera.

Irregardless, Carrie made and decorated the cake. This was her first time decorating a cake by herself.  She used to help me decorate, but I never actually let her do it herself. I told her that I would guide her and show her, but that now it was time that she learned. She was more than happy to do just that and said that it was a lot of fun. For years I wouldn’t think of having anyone take over for me. Now, I am just about ready to relinquish the crown and the scepter chef’s hat and the wooden spoon.  Well, maybe share it a little. 

nicky's 2nd birthday party

We had hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, chili con carne, cheese and crackers, and a relish tray. Tom bought them a small pool to play in and the boys were fighting over the one pail we had so I gave them each a plastic coffee can to play with. Just as I was pointing the camera, Nicky feel flat on his “culo” and got really angry about it. I didn’t know he was going to sit, as the chair wasn’t even near the table. As you can see, he didn’t realize it either. Poor little guy!

4 thoughts on “Nicky’s Day

  1. Hi Liz, How wonderful you had a great celebration for Nicky! The boys looks like they had a great time, except for Nicky missing the chair, bless his heart. Carrie did a wonderful job on the cake! I’m glad you will share the spatula. lol… Wow a new camera, sorry you had to have a fall to get it, but it looks awesome! Wish I could afford a better one. Have you ever gotten anything from Fingerhut? I got a catalog and that’s what I was thinking of, using it to get a new camera. But don’t need to be making payments on anything. With the way my life has been for the past many years I’m afraid to buy anything on credit anymore. Anyway hope you enjoy and learn the new camera. I know you will. Love and ~hugs~


  2. LOL!! Typical Mom who doesn’t want to pass the chef’s hat and spoon to the next generation. 🙂 The cake looks delicious and I bet it tasted it too seeing Nicky wearing most of the frosting in the photos, which I think are great by the way as I hate posed pics. Happy belated birthday to the little prince. He is adorable. Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. ~hugs~


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