Warning! Another Frivolous Post

This is going to be a pretty lame post.  I am testing out some pictures as well as keeping my promise to post everyday in the month of April.  Can she do it folks?

Today was a very simple day.  I moped around the house and walked from the front door to the kitchen window wondering what I was going to take pictures of so that I could get the feel of my new camera. 

I took this one today of a can of couscous so I could check the colors and the clarity.


I took this one on Friday of our blossomed tulip tree-

tulip tree blossoms

and this one I took on Saturday of a small “watermelon” serving dish I have and a cheese spreader-

watermelon serving dish

I told you this was a lame post. 🙄

5 thoughts on “Warning! Another Frivolous Post

  1. Hi, Liz. I always enjoy your photos, so don’t hesitate to post them. I know I often hesitate to post because I don’t have much to say, but one day turns into another then weeks then months! I agree with Nancze above. We made the “mistake” of going to Wal-Mart earlier this evening, so I’m just to pooped to post today. Hugs, Julia, who is not making much sense here!


  2. Hi Liz, well the new camera takes great pictures! I believe you are going to make it with a post every day in April! Your post’s a never lame. I love seeing pictures and hearing how your day went, good, bad, fast, slow, great or lame. *smiles* Love ya! ~hugs~


  3. Hi Liz, it sure is a great camera, the pictures are fantastic! I love the watermelon serving platter and the lady’s slipper cheese spreader! It’s so cold again here, I have a sweater on again for work. Tonight it’s to dip below freezing! Enjoy that camera!! Hugs!


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