Spoil Them Rotten-Send Them Home

Brian and his class went on a field trip today to the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.  Carrie chaperoned and I watched Nicky. 

I wanted to get a picture of Brian before he left.  Nicky thought I meant him also and ran over to get his picture taken. 

b and nee nee

I took Nicky outside and he and I picked flowers heads weeds, chalked the driveway and just played out in the back for a while.


He is at that stage where he points to things and says, “Whusat!” over and over again.  We read books and listened and danced to music.  I, literally, spent seven hours entertaining him.  He didn’t even take a nap today and didn’t seem to need it.  I figured that after he left here, it was going to be Carrie’s problem.  😆 😈 

It was a really good day with Nicky.

When Carrie and Brian got home they were exhausted, but had a good time. I am going to watch Nicky again this Friday. He will be sleeping over until Saturday morning. We’ll see just how good of a Friday night grammy and grampy will have when both he and Brian will be together. Mama Mia!

3 thoughts on “Spoil Them Rotten-Send Them Home

  1. Have a good nite. We will have houseguests this weekend, too, Matt and family. We haven’t seen
    Alexander for a few weeks, so I’m looking forward. Enjoy yours!


  2. Hi Liz: I’ll bet Brian had fun at the zoo. Is that a glasstop stove? There’s one here and I hate it. I can’t keep it clean and I can’t use cast iron on it, nor my lobster or stock pots. Do you have a cleaning secret? Have a lovely day. My doctor cancelled until Monday. This is the third time in 6 months.
    Have a great day. HUGS


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