The Key To The Appeal Of Pie Is In The Zest

At seven this morning I was making a key lime pie that Brian had been asking me to make for a while.

key lime pie/tart

“Hmm.” Because of the lime zest, this key lime pie looks like it has pickles piece throughout. I didn’t zest the lime very well by the looks of the pie. I didn’t add the whipped cream to it until after it was served. Maybe I should have added the cream and then took the picture.

Actually, I made this pie in a tart pan as I don’t have an eight inch pie plate.

Tomorrow I am suppose to make bread. We shall see how I feel about that tomorrow. I am really not in the mood to do too much as of late.

4 thoughts on “The Key To The Appeal Of Pie Is In The Zest

  1. Hi Liz, oh the key lime pie looks yummy! I haven’t had that in ages! I love the pics of the boys, they are growing so fast!! Have a lovely Thursday my friend. Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz: Oh, that pie looks SOOOO good. I never can get the pie out of the tart pans. Is there a trick. I love gas stoves too, and that’s what I have at home in NYS. I love my antique wood cookstove, too. Have a great day. HUGS


  3. Hi Liz, planned to come by earlier but thought I had a big time problem with my connection. Discovered that it was plugged into my strip well enough. Should of check that earlier. The pie looks yummy and so glad Brian and Carrie had a good frield trip. Love and ~hugs~


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