Thursday’s Love Bugs

love thursday

It is that time of the year for the mating season of the love bug. It happens twice a year in May and September. While meandering around in my backyard with my pj’s on, camera slung around my neck, I wondered just what I could snap for “Love Thursday.” 

And, there it was. Or rather, there they were a pair of amorous flies. As I am not in love with the love bugs, I found it appropriate for the weekly feature of today’s “Love Thursday.”   

love bugs


8 thoughts on “Thursday’s Love Bugs

  1. 🙂 LOL!! NOt my favorite subject Liz. I hate anything that even looks like an insect or bug. I prefer looking at your key lime tart pie even without the cream on top. I bet it was delicious. Wish I had a piece.

    Have a lovely and blessed weekend my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. Hi, Liz. Hope you have a great weekend. I see you’re taking a well-deserved minibreak from posting. I’m waiting for the houseguests to arrive so probably won’t be online until Sunday. Hugs, Julia


  3. HI Liz, I’ve read many of your past posts. I love your new camera. I have a good exspensive camera too, but it’s so so wonderful. I’m so sorry your last camera had to hit the floor like it did. Happy birthday to Nicky! belated of course. I love the photos you took. Lots of yummy food. I have a icky bug pic to show you, I will post it next time if I remember. LOL to that. Happy May~! big hugs


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