Too Many Tom Toes

Carrie picked Nicky up this morning and brought down some tomato plants she planted from seeds.   They are ready to be transplanted and I am not ready to transplant them.  I need to get some containers and soil.  She gave me too many.  I don’t want to plant them in the ground as I don’t have the soil prepared.  And really, I am just too lazy to tend to that many.  Maybe a couple of large containers on the patio will be plenty. 

Over the past few years I got rid of my flower gardens.  I found that they were kicking the heck out of me.  Weeding, watering, feeding, mulching…They got to be too much for me to take care of them properly in this dreadful heat.  I guess I just don’t have the passion or the energy for it anymore.  I have too many other things to do and those things don’t get done as fast as they used to get done.   

What I need is a good kick in the butt. 

Tom toes is how Brian used to pronounce tomatoes when he was about two years old.   

2 thoughts on “Too Many Tom Toes

  1. Tom Toes – too cute! I gave up flower gardening, too, when we moved back into this smaller house in 2000. Before that I was really into it but did little else. I would like to start a little herb garden again. That I do miss. Containers might be a good idea.


  2. I’m behind because of the snow and money, so i just got mine planted in the house. I have cherry tomatoes, and then I planted some regular ones, and cucumbers. I need to go get my pepper seeds. I have no area here for gardening, so we are doing pots, that way I can pull them into the garage if it starts to storm. Hail likes to consume our veggies here.:)


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