Rediscovering A Quaint Little Seaside Town

Rather then spend another Sunday just looking at each other, we decided to take a ride over to St. Mary’s.  When we first moved here, Tom, Carrie and I lived in St. Mary’s until we had this house built in the next city, but in the same county.  St. Mary’s is only about 12-14 miles from us.  It professes to be the second oldest city in America.  There was some speculation that St. Mary’s may be the oldest city and not St. Augustine.  I have alway lived near the ocean.  Tom and I both have fond memories of our childhood along the Atlantic Coast when we were growing up.  We are still on the Atlantic coast and I am so happy that I can spend time along the seashore and smell the salty air. 

St. Mary’s River

St. Mary's Georgia

St. Mary’s Georgia is the gateway to the Cumberland  Island National Seashore.  We took a fairy over Cumberland Island a few years ago.  Dolphins were following us out into the sea.  We hiked all around the island.  I was in awe at all of the natural beauty.  We encountered wild horses just roaming free all over the island.  It was magical.

Today we also strolled around the historic section and just took in the magnificent day.  We got Brian an ice cream cone and sat on the covered dock and peered out across the sea.  Of course, I got many pictures and was just so happy to get out of the house if even for a while. 

5 thoughts on “Rediscovering A Quaint Little Seaside Town

  1. Hi Liz, what a lovely city! I often wished I had grown up and lived by the ocean. I just love being around water. Sometimes I even think a little creek would even do. lol. I read all your posts since my last visit. So glad Nicky and Brian get a long so well. I can imagine what hard work a garden is. I tried once and with my brown thumb I just gave up on it. I so enjoy the pictures. Your new camera takes great ones. Love and ~hugs~


  2. Hi, Liz. That sounds like my kind of day, and you got some wonderful photos! My favorite is the gull – don’t know why. Well, I have to catch up on a few of your posts now. Love the stairway, too. You make me want to take pictures. Hugs, Julia


  3. Hi Liz,

    This sounds like a fantastic day! It’s the kind of day that Brian will remember fondly for many years to come. 🙂 I love the ocean too and can’t wait to get back near it again.



  4. Hi Liz, what a gorgeous area you live in! Wow! We spent the day working in the yard. Once it is all done again, we can relax, and then just do the occasional weeding. Lots of hugs!


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