The Verandah. Or, Is It A Porch?

carousel horse

This carousel horse is on an upstairs porch of one of the homes In St. Mary’s.  I can picture myself sitting up there, sipping on something nice and cold and dreaming the day away. 

Today I experimented with Boston Cream “Tiny” Pies (aka Boston Cream Pie). I made a sponge cake batter, but didn’t like the way it came it. So instead, I made a yellow cake batter for the cupcakes, using a #230 Bismarck tip, I filled them with pastry cream, and frosted them with chocolate glaze. Brian came home from school and ate three right off the bat. “Whoa, there”!  I am happy that he liked them, but eating all that sweetness made me cringe.  

boston crème cupcakes


2 thoughts on “The Verandah. Or, Is It A Porch?

  1. You photos are just great!!! I love them, you can realy use the camera! I wish I have the patience, instead I use the quick one taking fast shots…
    I love the old houses, and the cake… nammm
    Have a nice weekend my friend
    Hugs from Inger


  2. Hi Liz: Love the carousel. Oh, those cupcakes look delicious. I got Chocolate Coconut cream and Lemon Meringue. They are soooooo good. Have a lovely day. Yes, there’s a shortage of
    pharmacists in Downeast Maine. There’s also no pediatrician here. HUGS


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