Forever My Heart

a gift from Brian

Whenever Brian and Tom go to the video store, Tom gives Brian a quarter for the gumball machine. He usually gets some silly little trinket for twenty-five cents. However, that night he cranked out something that was overall for a little girl. That night, when he got home with this little necklace with a pink plastic heart, he gave it to me. He insists that I wear it all the time. When I am not wearing it, he hands it to me and says, “Grammy, you forgot your necklace.”

“No, my dear boy, I will never forget that pretty necklace or the look of excitement on you beautiful face when you first handed it to me.” “I will treasure your token of love always.”

love thursday

8 thoughts on “Forever My Heart

  1. Happy Friday Liz;

    What a wonderful feeling and memory for you regarding your adorable grandson giving you a beautiful heart necklace. That has to be worth more than any expensive jewelry. I have great memories like that I treasure with all my heart. Thanks for making me remember. Have a lovely and blessed weekend and Mother’s Day my friend. ~Hugs~


  2. Oh Liz: That necklace has got to be your most favorite piece of jewelry! What a lovely thing for you to treasure. I love rhubarb! My Mother used to grow it. Have a great day. HUGS


  3. Just saying good morning, Liz. Thanks for visiting my Flickr. That magazine holder was intended to keep cats and dogs off my chair, but as you can see, it didn’t! Have a good day. I know you are counting the days til summer.


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