Mother’s Day 2008

Yesterday started out to be a very good Mother’s day before the torando warnings.  I awoken and saw Brian and Tom hiding outside the kitchen window.  There was a gift on the table with some cards.  I knocked on the window and asked them what they were doing.  “Happy Mother’s Day!”  was their reply.  Brian ran in all excited for me to open my gift.  I opened the cards and then the gift.  It was a digital picture frame.  It was something they thought I could use.  I opened the box and it was empty.  Tom and Brian bought an empty box thinking that the digital frame was in there.  I started laughing, Tom felt foolish and Brian apoligized.  “It’s ok”, I said.  I also told him that the picture card that my camera uses wouldn’t work in this frame anyhow.  He returned the empty box, got his money back and brought me home a beautiful hydrangea.  I was very happy with the beautiful flower.

I felt bad telling him but, I usually take more than one picture of one thing at different angles, lighting, etc.  Then I download them to my pc.  I use a photo editor to choose the ones I think are best. Sometimes I get lucky with just one click.

Brian made me a beautiful and sentimental card.  Notice that he wrote, Dear Elizabeth instead of Grammy.  I thought that was too funny.  No one ever calls me Elizabeth they call me Liz.  I rather like the name Elizabeth.  The words brought a smile to my face.

words from brian

mother's day mosaic

Made a batch of sugar cookies this morning.  The day flew by and I didn’t get much accomplished.

7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2008

  1. Dear Elizabeth, What a lovely letter you have received. It’s so sweet that he’s looking forward to a summer with you. I love hydrangeas, although I do not own one. All those mixed colors are so beautiful. Thank you for the kind words about Linda. Love, Julia


  2. Hello Elizabeth!
    What a nice Mother’s Day you had. I sat here smiling as I read your post. The picture of the hydrangea is stunning. Nice job with the camera!! Hope the rest of the week is just as nice for you!
    Hugs ;0)


  3. Happy Tuesday Liz;

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day you had and how wonderful to look forward to the summer knowing Brian has a lot of “good stuff planned” for you and him. I’m a little jealous here. 🙂 The cards and hydrangea are beautiful.

    Have a lovely and blessed day my friend. ~Hugs~


  4. Hi Liz, Your grandson’s note brought a smile to my face, how sweet and smart he is. I love the hydrangea, I have to buy another for my garden since the first does not flower, I think you have to have two for them to flower, not certain. Have a nice Tuesday. *hugs*


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