Love Thursday-May 15, 2008

love thursday

Eleven years ago, I made this star out of sheet metal and punched a heart in the middle with a hammer and a nail, and sprayed it metallic gold. It is aging to almost a patina like finish. I also made the heart out of cement and etched it (poorly) with a pencil point into the wet cement, and brushed it with paint to look old.  I have them hanging on my backyard fence.

5 thoughts on “Love Thursday-May 15, 2008

  1. Hi Liz, those are so cool! Well I did have a problem. It was the tower with my server. A Tech finally made it by today and he has me all fixed up. I’m receiving my signal from another tower now and so the problem of disconnect and slow loading pages is over. It was so frustrating that I have the time didn’t even care about being online! lol. At least I’ll be getting around faster and more often. I’m sure enjoying all your neat pictures. Love and ~hugs~


  2. Oh Liz, they are beautiful! I love the star especially, cause I am nuts for stars! I always wanted to try tin punching. I saw somewhere even using coffee cans… freeze it with water then punch the pattern you want, and then use as candle holders. You are inspiring me again now!! Hugs!


  3. I love these. My favorite is the star, aging gracefully, a lovely thought. I hope our bad weather is not headed for you. I checked the national weather map with that thought, but it was unclear at that point. Hugs, Julia


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