Ups And Downs

We got an invitation to Honors Night this Wednesday. Brian will be receiving, as he did last year, the Superintendent, Principal, and Special Awards for high honors and outstanding achievements. We are all very proud of him as he is of himself.

Nicky hasn’t been feeling well. Carrie said that he was up all last night coughing. His allergies are playing havoc with him. Carrie had to take him back to the doctor’s today. He lost one ear tube and the other one is falling out of his ear. The doctor said that it was bacteria that were pushing out the tubes. The doctor thinks that Nicky may be allergic to milk and suggested to Carrie that she put him on rice milk. I think he should be tested again to see what exactly is causing his allergies. The poor kid has cold like symptoms all the time. I saw him today and I feel so bad for the little guy.

3 thoughts on “Ups And Downs

  1. Hi Miss Liz!

    Big CONGRATS to Brian! You must be extremely proud. I know I would be! Another cold day here again. I wish we would get some warmer weather. It feels more like October here than May. Hard to believe June is just a couple short weeks away. I actually had to crank up the heat last night. My pocketbook doesn’t like that in the least! Hope you’re having a warm and cozy today. Hugs ;0)


  2. Hi sweetie,

    Brian is truly an outstanding little guy! A huge congratulations to him. I hate to hear that Nicky is so sick, I had a ton of ear issues when I was that small. I hope he starts to feel better as soon as possible. P.S. You might what to check your mailbox! *wink*


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