Academic Pride

I thought I would try a diptych, using photography, of Brian and two of his classmates that received the Superintendant’s Award. Those were the only three that received an honors award in his class. This award is for the students that maintained an “A” throughout the 2008 school years.

three high honor students


5 thoughts on “Academic Pride

  1. What fun! You all worked hard for this well-deserved honor. I know you were on cloud nine at that ceremony. Congratulations to you !!!!!!!!!!! Hugs, Julia


  2. Oops, I was still logged in on my wordpress site.
    I’ve been thinking of updating it since my other domain
    server went down.
    Anyway, it’s me ( LOL


  3. Wow, he’s a smart little guy! That’s fabulous!
    Thanks for coming by, Liz. It’s always great to hear from you!

    Enjoy your weekend.
    My Mom says to tell you hello. (She used to enjoy coming down and sitting in front of the computer with me looking through my friends’ blogs. She always really liked your September’s Melody site!)



  4. Happy Friday Liz;

    Your grandson Brian is a handsome boy and smart too!! You must be a very proud Grandma. Congratulations to him on winning his awards for holding an “A” average all year!

    Have a lovely and blessed holiday weekend my friend. ~Hugs~


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