I Am Not Amused

I took today and made spaghetti sauce and meatballs for dinner tomorrow.  We are forgoing the traditional cookout or picnic that most Americans do on Memorial Day.  I guess we kind of fell out of most traditions as the years went by. 

It has been a slow blogging week for me.  I have taken this opportunity to do some reading while Tom watches mindless and senseless programming on the idiot box.  I guess to him and anyone else it is entertaining.  To me, whose attention span as of late is that of a gnat, I can’t possible sit there and absorb such trivial nonsense. 

2 thoughts on “I Am Not Amused

  1. Hi, Liz. My father used to call it the idiot box; that brings back memories. I’ve probably blogged about their having one TV in the house – in their bedroom. We used to pile up to watch Maverick back in the day when it was not a constant stream of offerings. I have had mine off all weekend. Been babysitting instead of blogging. Now I have to get into a routine or the summer will fly by before I get much done. Will get baby back in the morning for the day while his mom unpacks. Her summer school job fell through due to low elementary enrollment, but Matt is teaching high school science test remediation. No doubt her not working for the summer is a blessing in disguise. Your Memorial Day food sounds nice. We drove over to nearby Abbeville in the late afternoon to eat Cajun. I must get my kitchen running again. Hugs!


  2. Hi Liz, I tried to watch TV last night and was bored with it. All of those channels and nothing but rubbish!

    Hope you had a relaxing day.



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