Get Well My Friend

I was glad to hear from one of Nancze‘s friends letting me know how she is doing.  I know we were all worried because we haven’t heard from her.  My continued prayers go out to Nancze.  I pray she has a speedy recovery. 

“Hey, Nancze girl.  Get well soon.  We all miss you. ”

3 thoughts on “Get Well My Friend

  1. Hi Liz
    It have been a long time not left any comment for you. Now I have more time and new laptop 😉

    I know Nancy is a good friend of you for a long time, hope she is well.

    Hope all i all right with you and your family too my friend.
    A lot of hugs from Inger


  2. Oh, Liz, You must have just posted this. I am in the dark as to details. What happened?

    On a lighter note, talk about aging. I was driving through the teller thing at Roy’s bank today and damaged a tire. I have NEVER done that before. How stupid! We ended up thankful it wasn’t the whole car, if you know what I mean! Hugs, Julia


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