Why Do You Ask?

Warning.  This post is not for the squeamish.

When I got up this morning I was greeted with this question from Brian-

“Grammy.”  “Don’t ask me why I am asking you this, but if there was a snake in our backyard, would you ever go out there again?” I quickly turned to Tom and said with panic in my voice, “Is there a snake in the backyard?”

Tom-“Don’t worry, it isn’t poisonous.
Me-“How do you know…What color was it…Did it have stripes…Was it’s eyes vertical or horizontal…Is it still out there…Did Brian go near it…”
Tom-“It wasn’t poisonous.” “It was brown…”
Brian-“No, it wasn’t grampy.” “It was black with yellow stripes.”
Tom-“No it wasn’t Brian…”
Brian-“Yes, Grampy!”
Me-“TOM, don’t lie to me!” “I need to know the truth, was it poisonous or not!” “Was it a coral snake!”
Brian-“It was poisonous, grammy.”
Me-“How do you know?”
Tom-“Liz, I am telling you that it was gray with yellow stripes on the side.”
Me-“You just told me that it was brown!” “Now you’re tell me it has stripes!”
Brian-“I told you that it had stripes.”

This conversation went on for a while, until Tom and Brian told me that it went through the fence to the neighbor’s side.  Living in the South I know there are all kinds of creepy crawlies around. I just don’t like to think too much about it.  Just the other day a black widow spider was in one of our sheds. 

I put that snake out of my mind until later in the afternoon when my other neighbor rang my door bell and asked me if I was afraid to kill a snake.  The snake was in her backyard.  Yes, I am afraid to kill a snake and even if I weren’t hesitant about snakes I have a terrible time with killing anything.  After all, that is what I have Tom for.  For goodness sakes, if I have to snuff out the life of some creepy crawler when Tom isn’t here, I have this embarrassing scream I let out while I am swatting, spraying, squishing, or stomping the little menace.  My motto is:  “If it is outside and it harms none-“Leave it!”  If it is in my house and is a danger-“Exterminate it!”  If it is in house and it harms none-“Take it outside-alive-and set it free!” 

I took my camera and asked my neighbor to show me the snake.  And there it was.

I didn’t kill it, I just shot it with my camera and left.  She said that she would wait for her hubby to come home to get rid of it. 

Tom was right. It wasn’t poisionous. It looks like a ribbon snake to me. Just the same it is still a-Eww!-SNAKE!

Note:  The pictures was removed by me on June 1, 2008.   I couldn’t stand to look at it anymore.  If you want to see the picture click here.

4 thoughts on “Why Do You Ask?

  1. I started reading with your post about a “boring” day – exactly what you deserved after the snake incident. I would have been in a total frenzy at the thought of a snake – possibly poisonous – in my yard. I agree with the idea of letting well enough alone. If it’s not in the house, let it go on its merry way. That’s the South for you – plenty of critters. Eeeeyew!!! Have you heard anything else about Nancze? I am so worried about her. Hope you have a good day, Julia


  2. Aaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!
    And, I thought I had a problem with the grotesque slug I almost touched while tending the flowers.

    I can’t see the picture, though.. it won’t download for me. 😦

    I have the same motto, by the way… I usually try to just get any “critters” (spiders, ants, silverfish) OUT of the house, first.

    Enjoy your weekend, Liz!



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