Pizza and No Poetry

Tom worked around the backyard while I made pizza for supper.  I had made a pasta sauce earlier this week, froze the leftover just for pizza.  I added lots of oregano and a touch of sugar to the leftover pasta sauce to taste more like a pizza sauce.  Waste not.  Want not.  Especially in these times of financial distress.

How is that for an exciting day.   

2 thoughts on “Pizza and No Poetry

  1. Oh my goodness, Liz.. you are always cooking up something tasty! lol.. Now, I have to go eat! hahaha

    RYC: I had never known that people even had such insulting stereotypes for the New England states as you mentioned. How rude of those folks.
    I’ve heard the ‘yankee’ insult, too. It’s annoying that people place such a distinction when we’re all from the same country, and chances are, we can all trace our ancestry to another country!

    Hope you enjoy your Sunday evening.

    Blessings to you,


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