“Tired” Is Thy Middle Name

After Mass I made a big chicken dinner.  I was too tired to eat and took a three hour nap.  I am feeling really bad that I took such a long nap and didn’t eat with my family.  

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day as far as productivity.   

3 thoughts on ““Tired” Is Thy Middle Name

  1. Hi, Liz. Poor you – all that work and too tired to eat. I hope your family appreciated your efforts. I so loved your comment about women our age and babies. So true, isn’t it? Alexander is asleep right now, and I just got up from a nap, which is about all I was good for after the morning marathon. It’s a good thing they know how to work their way into our hearts, isn’t it?


  2. Happy Monday Liz;

    I spent most of Saturday like that, lounging and dozing off for most of it. We had such bad storms that I kept the laptop and TV off for most of the day.

    Have a lovely beginning of the week my friend. ~Hugs~


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