26 Things-‘E’

26 Things

Egg and Egg Cup


Sunday breakfast Tom made for the kids.  This one is Brian’s.  He like to eat his soft boiled in an egg cup.  Tom also cooked sausage and toast with orange marmalade. 

Carrie and Ronnie picked Nicky up this evening.  We all had a good weekend.  But with all good things, they have to come to an end and Grammy needs some Grammy space and her computer room back. 



4 thoughts on “26 Things-‘E’

  1. Hi Liz
    Love the egg cup, you take some great photos.
    Nicky looks so nice and I think he and Brian have the best grandma’ in the world.
    But you must get some nice grammytime, just for yourself.
    At last it is a bit colder here, but still the forest is burning and we will not get any rain before wednesday.
    Sorry you can not have the pool filled this year.
    Take care.


  2. Cute picture of Nicky. He has changed so much – not a baby at all anymore. Love the idea of grammy time. Oh, I have Alexander all last night and all today because DIL got a terrible sunburn crabbing with her parents. Hmmmm – this good thing is getting to pretty much a full time job LOL! He’s napping now – unusual for him in the morning, but not complaining. The egg cup is v. cute – Italian looking I think. Hugs.


  3. Happy Monday Liz;

    That’s a pretty egg cup. I used to like eating my eggs in one a long time ago. 🙂

    Nicky is such as cutie but I do understand about “Grammy Time”. At our age it’s necessary. LOL!!

    Have a great beginning of the week my friend. ~Hugs~


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